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EF Website Credits

Earth Foundation

Website was built by:

  • Website Designer and Writer: C.T. Ryder, of Rocket Cat
  • Website Builder: G. Navarro

The Earth Foundation Website has been made significantly better through the kindness and use of two outstanding Hawaii sources of images, photos, and paintings that appear on our website. EF deeply appreciates and thanks the following for their wonderful help and generosity:

  • Pacifica Island Art, Inc. Mahalo to the great artists and photographers whose work is published by Pacifica Island Art. Visit the website at: to view a variety of products that feature Contemporary and Vintage Hawaiian art.
  • Laurel Douglass, of Pono Productions LLC. Laurel is a great photographer. On the EF Website, many of the photos of Maui backcountry agriculture and Hawaiian plants were shot by Laurel. Her nickname is “Seeti.” Email: And, thanks to her wonderful partner and life mate Guy Gaumont of Pono Productions. He is a highly respected videographer of Native Hawaiian culture and history. Email:

Mahalo for the mana and great Hawaiian spirit of everyone who has helped Earth Foundation’s Website.