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The Earth Foundation TROPHY we give is named the “EARTHY”™.

For “MAN OF THE YEAR”: It was a THREE-WAY TIE between former Mayor Alan Arakawa, Rob Parsons, and Mike Foley. 

Many people in their 50’s and 60’s born and raised on Maui say that Mayor Arakawa’s first term in office was the finest Administration they ever saw on Maui and the first Administration they ever felt right about. The Mayor’s second term is in its early stages and it’s too soon to predict its success. 

Mayor Alan Arakawa: MAN OF THE YEAR / Courage of Vision for Maui

In his first of two terms as Mayor of Maui, Hawaii, Alan Arakawa took a strong stand and had the COURAGE to hire MIKE FOLEY and ROB PARSONS to protect Maui. We knew Mayor Arakawa was “the real thing” when he appointed Mike Foley to become the new Director of Planning for Maui County. Mike had 35 years experience as a courageous Planning Director and Planner for cities in California that were major vacation and resort destinations. And, when appointed by the Mayor, Mike was on the board of directors of two major Maui environmental organizations, Maui Tomorrow and Maui Coastal Land Trust. With exciting leaders like Mike Foley partnering with the Mayor, Mayor Arakawa was facing a political future that could parallel the Big Island’s popular Mayor Harry Kim. That was important because it looked like in the next Mayoral election in November 2006 the majority of Maui land developers’ campaign money would NOT be behind Mayor Arakawa. There were TWO key opponent candidates, not the Mayor, who had the majority of financial support from major developers. Therefore, the strategy of the Big Island’s Mayor Harry Kim in which without much re-election campaign money needed and with the strong, popular, grassroots support among the Maui County populace did appear to very possibly be the way to provide this Mayor the winning wave to ride for re-election. However he lost.

Earth Foundation Awards

Mike Foley: MAN OF THE YEAR / Da Maui Sheriff

This is the Man who helped Maui simply follow its laws for land use and development, the man who kept The Maui News interesting to read. Every day this island got a little better because of MIKE FOLEY’S vision and courage. With Mike as a key administration leader leading the charge to keep beautiful and green all of Maui County and to keep the island of Maui as the World’s #1 island (according to Conde Nast magazine), a Maui resident could wake up every day feeling a little better.

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Rob Parsons: MAN OF THE YEAR / Maui Preservation

Mr. Parsons serves as the Environmental Liaison for Mayor Arakawa.  Rob Parsons is a gentleman who changed the rules for running for Mayor when he ran in the Primary Election in 2002. He ran against an incumbent who allegedly forgot how and where he got $700,000 in campaign contributions from. In the Final Election, Rob was not in the election, but he cast a mean swing vote and delivered the critical environmental voting bloc to Mr. Alan Arakawa who became the new Mayor of Maui County.

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As a former Assistant to the Mayor she represented Maui County AGRICULTURE at the State Legislature and lobbied to secure financial benefits for Maui County’s agriculture. With Maui alone with the other Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Pacific, Jan dedicatedly worked to have Maui be able to protect itself by being able to grow more of its own produce and fruit. Agriculture will also protect Maui’s greenspace and tourist-attracting world class views.

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He and his wife own a classic, little country store in the old Hawaiian style. This gentleman’s big heart, fine mind, and great sense of humor and fun contribute a lot to helping the people of the villages of Keokea and Ulupalakua on the island of Maui.

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