Earth Foundation

Stewards of the Land, Sea and Native Cultures

Key Dates Of EF’s Sustainability Projects

  • Through 2012: EF continues its ongoing “Food Security” and “Make Maui and all of Hawaii Sustainable” in food, energy and water education projects. 
  • January 2002 through September 2008: Research, planning, and starting of execution of EF’s ongoing education project, “Make Maui Sustainable” in food, energy and water that is expanded in 2010 to “Make all of Hawaii Sustainable.”
  • October 11, 2002: Earth Foundation determines that for the protection of Maui, a custom 3D Visioning motion computer software is needed to help Maui County planners and government leaders better plan Maui’s future growth and the use of Maui’s natural resources. The end product would be presented to Maui County Council, the Mayor, and to Maui business leaders. Earth Foundation started the process of finding a software consultant to team up with to produce this product. This 3D Visioning motion computer software would allow audiences to literally fly over the entire land and water surface of Maui and closely observe and inspect the island and its natural resources. Earth Foundation moves forward and in May 2003 secures $150,000 in funding for the Maui County Planning Department to hire a company or individual to develop and produce the needed 3D Visioning motion software.
  • December 13, 2002: Earth Foundation’s representative arranged and attended a meeting at UH with University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture’s Dean Andrew Hashimoto, his staff, and State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (“DBEDT”) Energy Division’s lead planners, and a 3D visioning computer software consultant. To summarize the discussion, both Dean Hashimoto and DBEDT were developing academically credentialed reports and recommendations to “fast track” Hawaii’s transition to an increased diversity of its Agricultural Sector that would strengthen resilience in both the food and energy domains.
  • EF significantly helps with Water Preservation for Maui. EF continues to safeguard and preserve Maui’s water resources. In February 2003 Earth Foundation and another party provided the long missing, definitive water study on Maui water that is rare and hard to find and was not at that time in libraries or in the county government — the “1942 Maui Water Geological Study” — in CD-Rom and hard copy to the Maui County government and libraries, Mayor Arakawa, the Maui County Council, and to The Maui News.