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Sustainability Would Save the State of Hawaii and Maui

Using MAUI as an example of all Hawaii:

Save Maui’s Economy with Self-Sufficiency

After 9/11 and after the 2008 global financial meltdown, Maui and all Hawaii were hit by a FINANCIAL Hurricane both times. Some of the worst financial difficulties to hit Maui & the State in a long time occurred in both situations:  after the 2008 Great “Recession,” Hawaii is still hurting terribly and far from recovery. And after 9/11 there were 4 months with Hawaii businesses making 40% less revenues. 9/11 frightened everyone because no one could predict when or if the Hawaii economy would turn around. It really hurt our economy in the short term. With London & Spain terrorism in mind, if “9/11 Number 2” ever happens in the U.S. (and experts anticipate it will), Maui tourism $ may decrease much more for a much longer time than after the first 9/11.

During this time of global instability it does NOT make sense to depend on a ship across the ocean to deliver food, fuel, and energy supplies to Maui in the middle of the Pacific. Maui has NO CHOICE but to become more SELF-SUSTAINING in its food and energy. Together, let’s make a wise choice to Save Maui’s Economy!

This Would Help Protect Maui’s Economy:

Making Maui self-sustaining in Food & Energy protects Maui’s economy during these fragile times:

  1. JOBSfor Maui’s own home grown NEW Food & Energy industries
    1. JOBS for MANY Construction Workers, Union workers, and others to build and constantly maintain new buildings and structures; solar, wind, and water systems; irrigation systems; maintenance roads; trucks to bring in building materials & supplies and transport Maui grown food throughout Maui; and agricultural workers to plant, grow, and harvest food.
    2. This enables Workers to build structures that are really needed for Maui, instead of building new hotels, resorts, and luxury homes that are not needed and take away so much of Maui’s finite, beautiful open land and gorgeous vistas.
    3. Creates $ REVENUES to replace lost tourism & counter the effects from lost revenues.
    4. Provides dependable income to Maui’s families to continue providing for their children.
    5. By being self-sufficient, Maui substitutes local revenues to replace any lost tourism revenues that may come from wartime difficulties in the future.
    6. Maui will become much stronger through an independent, sustainable, economy.
  2. FOOD.Grow much more of Maui’s own food on Maui. Provide more locally grown food for Maui—there are 155,000 people to feed a day (includes 45,000 tourists daily on Maui)
    1. Grow local “organic” produce, dairy products, and poultry.
    2. Grow medicinal herbs (big money maker) for export, and grow alternative crops.
    3. Grow alternative crops on Maui that are being experimented with on the Hamakua Coast on Big Island.
    4. Create partnerships for land use & farming with Alexander & Baldwin and Maui Land & Pine.
    5. Make partnerships to distribute Maui grown food with Foodland, Safeway, Star Market, Mana Foods, Down to Earth, and all markets.
  3. ENERGY & FUEL.Maui develops its own NEW large energy & fuel resources industry
    1. Solar. Set up solar farms, home & office solar installations in Kihei, Wailea, West Maui.
    2. Wind. Set up windmill farms in possibly Kaupo and other areas of Maui where the wind blows. With windmills, need to be sensitive to protect the view of the landscape scenery.
    3. Water capture. Increase Maui’s water resources.
    4. Build new reservoirs in East Maui and Upper Haiku.
    5. Free up some streams & water rights for small farmers to do more agriculture.
    6. Waste conversion to electricity and gas. This can convert much of the waste in Maui’s landfills and garbage dumps to electricity and fuel for Maui to use. This technology is already on Maui and available to be used.
    7. 80 million gallon water storage reservoir to use with pump turbines to create electricity. It would be located Upcountry above 2,000 feet elevation. A high volume facility of this type is currently operating successfully in California’s Central Valley.
  4. Preserve Maui’s WORLD FAMOUS NATURAL BEAUTYto attract and increase tourism
    1. Save the Beaches — Create a North Shore Park that saves Baldwin and the neighboring beaches. Preserve and Save Makena, Olowalu, North Beach, Kaupo, Hana Coast.
    2. Protecting Maui’s Beaches = More Tourism $
    3. JOBS for preserving Maui’s Beaches and Land, and preservation of Native Culture.


Fax, mail, & email NOW the Maui County Council and the Mayor and say, ” I request your budgetary legislative support now for Maui to grow much more of its own Food supply & develop its own Energy—and the JOBS that come with it—and increase Maui’s future tourism by preserving & saving Maui’s Beautiful Beaches and Land.” Emails, faxes and letters cause serious concern to Council members and the Mayor. Send a lot NOW.

Council members



Jo Anne Johnson

Michelle Anderson

Michael Molina

Danny Mateo

Michael Victorino

Gladys Baisa

Joe Pontanilla

Riki Hokama

Robert Carroll










EMAIL for all members:

MAIL: 200 S. High St., Wailuku, HI 96793

Mayor of Maui County



Mayor Alan Arakawa


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