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Earth Foundation Speech to Maui County Council April 1, 2003

Honorable Chairperson and Members of the Maui County Council Budget Committee: This is a project that is a tool for Hazard Mitigation / Safety / and Security – to protect Maui County in these dangerous and unpredictable times. I will only cover “highlights” of this written Testimony. This project has two parts.

A. The first part is the “Maui Digital 3D Comprehensive Plan.” This was in the Planning Department’s 2004 budget but had to be taken out because of Maui County budget constraints. This Technology creates a dynamic new way for Maui County Council decision makers to better VISUALIZE how Maui can implement the most effective Hazard Mitigation, Safety, and Security scenarios for Maui. See Maui 3D Video here.

This is state-of-the-art technology.

This was projected and screened on the wall of the Maui County Council chambers in late Summer of 2002. Maui Council members will remember the vivid, aerial “fly-by” over Kihei — watching the flooding of Kihei from a storm surge that would leave much of Kihei deep in flood waters.

B. The second part of this project is the “Maui Agriculture Digital 3D Visioning Model.” We feel that production is needed of a Maui Agriculture computer 3D visualization model that incorporates important statistics, statistical analysis, and information about Maui’s capabilities of growing more of its own crops.

EF has been fortunate to receive significant consultation about Agriculture & Energy from key professionals at the University of Hawaii and the State’s DBEDT Energy Division. This is a great team of substantial caliber.

Perhaps most importantly, this is substantial ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – a significant opportunity for the economic benefit of Maui.

The Benefits to Maui from this project include:

  1. In a time of war it is important to have reliable supply lines in place. The most reliable supplies are those that can be grown on our own island. This would certainly be preferable to Maui depending on and waiting for a ship from across the ocean to deliver food to Maui during this war
  2. Potentially THOUSANDS of new JOBS focusing on construction can be created for Maui’s safety & security by increasing the agriculture food industry on Maui. In the event Maui started growing significantly more of its own food for local consumption, then there would be JOBS for substantial infrastructure to be built for this requiring thousands of people on Maui (who were unemployed for quite awhile after 9/11) to build and maintain: new industrial roads, piping, electricity lines, water irrigation canals, building structures, truck transportation of building supplies and grown food, and maintenance for everything.

Andrew Hashimoto is a “Maui boy” and he is the Dean of the University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture. Dean Hashimoto wrote the following in an editorial published in The Maui News:

He said: “We anticipate shipping costs to rise as increased inspection and other security measures are instituted. Knowing that our supply lines can be disrupted and that bioterrorism may be an increasing threat, we must act now to ensure that we have an adequate, dependable, safe food supply for all our citizens.”

Dean Hashimoto says: “There is a myth that Hawaii’s agriculture is dying because of the decline of the sugar and pineapple plantations. Diversified agriculture has more than doubled in the past 20 years. “Hawaii is the only state in which the number of farms is increasing and the average age of farmers is decreasing.

Since Sept. 11, there is widespread agreement that Hawaii’s economy must be diversified with a committed effort to build on and strengthen Hawaii’s agriculture industry.” We are national quality media specialists who can produce substantial statistical analysis that can be converted to a dynamic, flexible new media format with moving images. This can be of service to County Council members to assist them in visualizing different Hazard Mitigation, Safety, and Security scenarios to better protect Maui’s future.

Council members, we understand this is a tough economic time for Maui government. We feel this project has a lot of merit and we would like your support when money is available.

Mahalo for your time and consideration.

Proposed Budget: over a two year period – to be awarded to the Maui County Planning Department

Maui Digital 3D Comprehensive Plan

Maui Agriculture Digital 3D Visioning Model


$  50,000

TOTAL  (over a two year period)


In closing:

We would respectfully request the County Council’s consideration of a $100,000 grant to be awarded to such a project for a year and the funding be given to the Maui County Planning Department, and the Planning Department could then find the right company or person to do the work. Upon satisfactory progress, we would request Council consideration of a second $100,000 grant to be given for a second year to the Maui County Planning Department to have the work completed.


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