Earth Foundation

Stewards of the Land, Sea and Native Cultures


  • Earth Foundation has been very successful in its efforts to help stop some of the Wild West Gold Rush land exploitation on Maui. Our TWO beach & land preservation, education projects—our February 2002 Makena & Wailea 670 education project, and protecting Baldwin Beach & Paia in November 2000—were effective in informing people about the issues and about how to have their voices heard.
    In 2008 EF teamed with the Save Makena organization in a land preservation education project concerning the Wailea 670/Honua’ula land development. In 2008 Wailea 670/Honua’ula was approved by the Maui County Council. But an independent lawsuit from several local residents and the U.S. Financial Crisis of late 2008 appear to have put Wailea 670/Honua’ula on hold. Interesting that the U.S. Financial Crisis may have the silver lining of perhaps stopping for quite awhile massive land development on Maui.

  • We do have an impact when we show up in numbersNumbers is what gets attention.  Politicians watch the numbers– that is how they are elected! It is our intention to inspire people to get involved.  Together we do make a difference.

  • Respected leaders and pillars of Maui have heartily and sincerely congratulated Earth Foundation — even said they’re “very proud” of us — for these education projects. This includes very respected members of Maui’s “Old Guard” who said the education projects were long overdue — including people long ago born and raised in Makena, Wailea, La Perouse, Paia, and Spreckelsville — the areas threatened by the proposed housing developments.

Why Do We Sell Our Beaches to the Highest Bidders?

  • SAVE MAUI’S BEACHES to save Maui’s Tourism.

  • Less Development = More Tourism $.

  • Preserve Old Style Maui. 2,250 Homes & 4,500 more Cars will ruin Makena & Wailea.

  • Don’t leave Wailea & Makena’s fate to developers building for the well heeled.

  • The People stopped Bishop Estate. We can successfully defend Makena & Wailea.

  • Makena is the last undeveloped beach in South Maui. Save it & Preserve it.

Solutions for Maui

  • Hold Maui County legally responsible to adhere to and enforce the Community Plans! No re-zoning necessary! Need Capacity Study of water for Maui’s population & farming.

  • Build Hospitals, Youth Centers, Senior Centers, Parks. Give priority to Hawaiian Homelands and Attractive affordable housing BEFORE building hotels & luxury houses.

  • Maui County should buy all Maui’s beaches and not build on them. This builds tourism.

  • PROTECT Hawaiian cultural significance, all burials, and Puu Olai at Makena.

Is This “Maui Style” or Did We Make a Wrong Turn?

  • They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot. Is Maui headed down the right road?

  • Tourists Feel the aina. That’s why they come here. Concrete takes away the aina.

  • Build to Live. Most of these new homes would be unneeded, vacation homes for buyers who don’t live on Maui. There is better work for Maui’s construction workers.

  • MAUI’S WATER SOURCES ARE THREATENED. Top water engineers say Maui’s key Iao Aquifer is facing a serious threat of being ruined from overuse. It doesn’t make sense to build 1,100 new homes in Makena and 1,150 more homes in Wailea at Wailea 670/Honua’ula when water is threatened, runoff will hurt the reefs, & roads can’t hold the traffic.

  • WHAT ARE OUR VALUES? Hawaiians have different values than the Developers of this land. The Developers are not being considerate in this decision-making process. And a majority of the Maui County Council supports the Wailea 670/Honua’ula & Makena developments. The Hawaiian Homelands, in Keokea, are above the proposed Honua’ula/Wailea 670 & Makena developments. Water will be provided for the Makena & Honua’ula/Wailea 670 developments, but there doesn’t seem to be any water for Keokea’s Hawaiian Homelands and they have been promised their land and water for years. Do we want Maui to be like California, or do we want an island whose culture is intact? Keep Maui “Hawaiian Style.”

  • We can “lose Maui” & our quality of life & 5 years later wonder why we let that happen.


Protect the aina.