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EF’s November 2000 Education Project *

  • The Maui News local newspaper (November 15, 2000) wrote that Maui County Councilman Mike Davis said that “the (Earth Foundation) campaign is having an effect, said Davis….’We are receiving a lot of e-mail, a lot of letters.  People are concerned,’ he said.”

  • Earth Foundation’s education project in November 2000 on the island of MAUI, was highly successful and significantly helped to put the brakes on the proposed construction of 420 new houses across the highway from Baldwin Beach and the building of 20 to 30 new houses adjacent to Baldwin Beach.

  • The development would have significantly harmed the “Old Hawaii” beach town of Paia and Baldwin Beach the treasured last undeveloped beach on the island of Maui’s North Shore.

  • The development would have disastrously brought many hundreds to a thousand additional beach goers every day to Baldwin Beach.

  • The last undeveloped beach on Maui’s North Shore, Baldwin Beach is beautiful, wild, and perhaps the finest jogging beach in the state.

  • Baldwin Beach is located just outside of the old Hawaiian beach town of Paia.

  • Our Saving Paia & Baldwin Beach education project worked!

  • The education project forced the pro-development Maui County Council to defer any decision concerning the housing development to the new pro-environment Maui County Council taking office on January 2, 2001.

  • The proposed development of 420 houses across from Baldwin Beach and 20 to 30 housed adjacent to Baldwin Beach has not come back to life since then. But constant vigilance is maintained.

Protect the aina.