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Maui’s Excessive Development Problem

The urban sprawl of Kihei is slowly and determinedly climbing up Maui’s mountainside like a cancer.  This is NOT the Maui that long time residents want. This needs to be contained and stopped. “Upcountry” is one of the few, last survivors on Maui of the “old style Hawaii” that must be protected from the killers of encroachment such as the “Kihei crawl.”

With this in mind, please be aware that Developers are again pushing hard in 2008 through 2009 to keep the Maui County Council on their side to build the Wailea 670 Resort — now named Honua’ula.” The renamed Wailea 670/Honua’ula development project this time around would have more expensive but fewer homes. 1,150 homes are approved now rather than the 1,400 homes proposed in 2002. Interestingly, the US Financial Crisis of late 2008 largely stopped and put at a standstill the major land developments including Wailea 670.

Makena Resort has changed its plans to build a major resort development and NOW plans to sell the land either in small parcels and/or perhaps to the very aggressive land developer A & B (Alexander & Baldwin, rather than continue a major resort development project.  Makena Resort’s new strategy would be equally disconcerting because its end result would still be the development of the revered Makena lands.

Respected sources say developer Everett Dowling is planning to build a new Four Seasons Hotel at Maken.

Any of these three proposed projects moving forward would have the significant potential of creating substantial concern and response from the Maui community.

The “Honua’ula” (Wailea 670) development project may require substantial attention from Maui residents as early as possibly July 2009. And, the Makena Resort project could possibly still rear its head anytime.

In 2009, the two planned developments Honua’ula (Wailea 670) with 1,150 homes and Makena with its planned 1,100 new homes would have a combined 2,250 Homes and 4,500 Cars. And if Makena Resort’s land is sold in parcels it would probably still have an equally difficult impact on traffic. Bottom line, all of this would make Kihei & Wailea weekday traffic jams much worse on Piilani Highway and South Kihei Road.

Many Maui residents are strongly dissatisfied with the disregard shown for the preservation of the land and aina on all of Maui and specifically the South Maui area focusing on South Maui’s last undeveloped beach – Makena Beach – and the Makena area and town of Wailea.

Many Maui residents are concerned from a business perspective that these three proposed South Maui developments — Honua’ula/ Wailea 670, Makena Resort or the selling of its land in parcels, and a Four Seasons Hotel at Makena — would along with other developments significantly hurt our economy by making Maui much less attractive to tourists.

Less Development = More Tourism Dollars.

Your combined voices brought together make a huge difference!

Thank you for your support.

Protect the aina.