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BIODIVERSITY and the U.N. Biodiversity Conference in Nagoya, Japan in October 2010

Earth Foundation, on behalf of the State of Hawaii was deeply involved in the U.N. Biodiversity COP 10 Conference in Nagoya, Japan held October 11 through 29 in 2010. Earth Foundation (EF) was a lead sponsor for the public side of the U.N. Biodiversity Conference.  SEE EF’s logo at the bottom of the page, which is the link to the U.N. Biodiversity COP 10 Conference, of 2010. EF was also a sponsor for the U.N. side of the Conference. A total of 10,000 people a day for several weeks attended public and private sides of the Biodiversity Conference.

Earth Foundation was honored to have its seven person, international film crew serve as the main film and television news crew at COP 10 for a week of the conference. EF was fortunate to secure quality, extensive video interviews with some of the world experts on Oceans, Indigenous Peoples, and Sustainability.

“BIODIVERSITY” is every living thing on Earth being protected — you, people, animals, trees and plants, air, atmosphere, climate, water, soil, minerals, natural resources, mountains, streams, lakes, seas, oceans, and the Earth itself.

EARTH FOUNDATION collaborated with the United Nations and its Equator Initiative of the UNDP/United Nations Development Programme for the U.N. Biodiversity COP 10 Conference in Japan. The U.N.’s Equator Initiative is managed by Eileen de Ravin of UNDP.

The U.N. Biodiversity Conference was a huge, major, highly important global event run by the United Nations. It was the largest Biodiversity Conference ever held in the world. Delegations and voting representatives from 193 nations attended this Conference.

You may find highly interesting the United Nations’ fascinating booklet, Global Biodiversity Outlook 3.

The Earth, the Hawaiian Islands, and humankind are at an important crossroads. 2010’s U.N. Biodiversity Conference was of significant help. Earth Foundation knows how to use media to substantially promote to the public the significant importance of Biodiversity that has a direct impact on the preservation of the land and oceans on the Earth. Earth Foundation and its president are fortunate to be members of the promotion team for the film “THE COVE” that won the Academy Award in 2010 for “Best Documentary Feature Film.”

Musical concerts, festivals, motion picture film showings, and cultural celebrations were some of the activities for the public side of the U.N. Biodiversity COP 10 Conference (also called “COP 10″ or “CBD COP 10”). Hundreds of people representing nonprofit Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) participated in the Biodiversity Conference’s public meeting areas and in the nearby city of Nagoya, Japan.

Hundreds of corporations were involved in developing the conference. Under the guidance of the Keidanren “Chamber of Commerce,” over one thousand of Japan’s largest corporations supported the development of the CBD COP 10. Scores of other multinational corporations were similarly involved with the process. The CBD serves as a meeting ground for various user groups to share views, engage meetings, and present solutions to matters that effect all. For example, the usage rights to native herbal remedies by pharmaceutical corporations was one of many topics engaged.

Earth Foundation Administration:

The chairman of Earth Foundation, Ed Seifert, is based in New Jersey and recently completed a 33 year career at ABC Television Network News, in New York,  serving as the senior video editor for ABC’s “Good Morning America” and the ABC Evening News.

The president of Earth Foundation, C.T. Ryder, is a producer/director/writer for television, film, and music. He has extensive professional experience as an Executive News Producer, Reporter, Anchor for television news bureaus in Denver, Seattle, Hawaii, and abroad. Mr. Ryder is president and general manager of a television network affiliate TV station in Honolulu.

Earth Foundation is a nonprofit media production company and a media specialist team and organization focusing on creating media that preserves the environment and native culture, and insures food, energy, and water sustainability for HAWAII, THE PACIFIC, NORTH AMERICA, JAPAN, KOREA, and the EARTH. Earth Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1997. Earth Foundation went to Nagoya, Japan in October 2010 and brought the Hawaiian Aloha spirit to 10,000 conference participants and visitors each day at the U.N. Biodiversity Conference.