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The Gulf Oil Spill and its International Effects

The Gulf Oil Spill in April 2010 was like an atomic bomb dropped on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Earth Foundation’s president was in the Southern United States during the early time of the Spill. People were deeply angry and continue to be in the South and on the East Coast about the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Millions of years of biodiversity and beautiful creation in the sea and the fish breeding grounds, coral, Dolphins, Whales, Turtles, plankton — gone — wiped out! Very possibly hundreds or maybe thousands of years will be needed for nature to rebuild this. TRILLIONS of dollars of damage. And all because of greed beyond comprehension. The devastation — so bloody awful. It is way past time for the world to wake up. This beyond horrific experience should have become the Tipping Point — the 9/11 of the Environment — to startle and awaken the sleeping masses to stop the madness and switch fast to alternative energy sources and save the planet while there is still time as the clock ticks.

It was amazing to hear almost everyone in many parts of the world talking for months in total shock that anything like this could have ever happened. Sometimes it takes a big baseball bat on the head to startle people into reality.

The U.S. Government had the gall in early August of 2010 to announce that the Seafood from the Gulf was perfectly safe to eat. The Government said this after the massive release of highly toxic chemicals throughout the ocean to break up the oil in the massive area of the disastrous spill. (Apparently the U.S. Government expected the fish to just naturally not be affected by that). They expected the highly unfortunate residents of the Gulf states to believe the fish that are the backbone of so much of the local economy were perfectly fine then and now to eat and sell to the public. Fortunately but sadly many fishermen from the area were quoted as saying they would never feed that fish to their families. But after six months, human memory faded fast. And many people in America started eating fish and shellfish from the Gulf again.

A major international factor is the Gulf Oil Spill had the potential to damage far more than the United States. There are neighboring land areas in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America that could have been subjected to oil damage. So the oil spill was a significant international environmental issue. The hurricane season happened in 2010 which intensified the possibility of spreading the Gulf Oil Spill. Who knows where the deepest currents of the Ocean go and what they carry with it?

For the benefit of the U.S. and the Earth, it’s time for America to immediately move to significantly improve the safety of its ocean oil rig drilling, to stop deep water oil drilling, and to swiftly, massively move to alternative energy sources.

“BIODIVERSITY” is every living thing on Earth being protected — you, people, animals, trees and plants, air, atmosphere, climate, water, soil, minerals, natural resources, mountains, streams, lakes, seas, oceans, and the living Earth itself.