Earth Foundation

Stewards of the Land, Sea and Native Cultures


Aloha. Earth Foundation has substantial concern for the Pacific Rim. In its work to protect the Pacific, EF currently focuses primarily on the Hawaiian Islands.


Earth Foundation is a nonprofit, national media specialist team.

  • We work to preserve Hawaii’s Native Hawaiian host culture and Hawaii’s ecosystems.

  • EF helps preserve the pristine quality of Hawaii’s rare species of animals, birds and plants.

  • EF researches the State of Hawaii’s and Maui’s Agriculture, Energy, and Water.

  • EF helps protect Maui’s beaches and land.

  • EF helps protect the international public health of the Pacific, Hawaii, and the U.S. West Coast from nuclear waste.

  • EF helps provide Spanish language cultural television programs to Oahu’s Hispanics.

  • Earth Foundation works with the Native Hawaiians and Hispanics.

The beauty of Hawaii took millions of years to develop, and Hawaii is close to becoming irreparably damaged in a comparative blink of an eye.

The incomparably beautiful tropical paradise of Hawaii is also the endangered species capital of the U.S., with 27% of the U.S. endangered species inhabiting Hawaii. In addition, 72% of all extinctions on U.S. record have occurred in Hawaii.

Endangered species include Hawaii’s state bird the Nene goose, the Hawaiian monk seal, and the Hawaiian green sea turtle, among others.

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