Earth Foundation

Stewards of the Land, Sea and Native Cultures


In an America that is not even 250 years old, the 1,500 year-old Hawaiian culture stands as an icon and treasure of ancient civilization.

On a trip around the Hawaiian Islands it is amazing to see the topography and environmental wonders of the land, the many races of people living harmoniously, and the incredible Native Hawaiian people and their culture. It is a testament to the Hawaiian people that Hawaii remains for now a relatively untouched natural resource.

Earth Foundation will describe the history and people of the Hawaiian Islands. We will explore the beauty and unrevealed aspects of Hawaii. It is fascinating to see the breathtaking places and sights in Hawaii and the Islands’ special features. Locals and Visitors are captivated by the experience of visiting various sites – an uniquely different culture with a feeling unlike anywhere else, a different land, a different world, a different rhythm and timing in a day. We at Earth Foundation experience a very different perspective of Hawaii and the Pacific that we would like to share with you.