Earth Foundation

Stewards of the Land, Sea and Native Cultures

The Effects on Native Hawaiians and Hawaii

To many Americans, Hawaii represents American Polynesia, an image that many Native Hawaiians are still trying to understand and accept. Many Americans want to spend time in “Paradise” and want to know that Hawaii’s paradise will be maintained for their future pleasure as their American birthright. While many other areas of the world, including mainland U.S., can learn much from the current preservation of Hawaii, it is EF’s purpose to explain the growing dangers that threaten one of the world’s last paradises.

While Hawaii does remain a relatively untouched resource, it is not immune from the problems associated with economic development. Earth Foundation explores the ways in which land developments—fed by real and anticipated economic prosperity—have adversely affected the environment and native culture.

Earth Foundation is highly concerned about the preservation of Native Hawaiian indigenous people and their culture and traditions in this time of possible rapid erosion of the Hawaiian culture. Earth Foundation hopes this information will generate concern and interest in the overall American and global public to increase efforts to preserve the Central Pacific Polynesian paradise of Hawaii. Helping the U.S. Mainland and the world’s people to understand both the cultural and environmental developments in Hawaii may create concern in the American and global mass public. This may have the potential to convert to substantial national and international support and pressure on the U.S. Congress to create and implement solutions to significant Hawaii culture and ecological problems that need substantial correction and positive change in direction quickly.