Earth Foundation

Stewards of the Land, Sea and Native Cultures

Projects That EF Would Like To See Developed For Hawaiians

Native Hawaiian Video & Audio Archive Center

EF is in discussions with Native Hawaiians to develop a “Native Hawaiian Video & Audio Archive Center” to preserve the oral histories of Hawaiian elders so their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences will be preserved for future generations. We would like to also be able to provide access to the Archives via the Internet for easy global access by Hawaiians to this important cultural information. Earth Foundation may also raise funds or work to secure grants for this important project.

Native Hawaiian Television Programs

EF is giving consultation to Native Hawaiians in an effort to potentially develop several local Native Hawaiian television programs and series to tentatively be produced by Native Hawaiians and broadcast on Maui’s Akaku public television station. Earth Foundation may also raise funds or work to secure grants for this worthwhile project.

Why do so many people help the Native Hawaiians?

Because Hawaiians are wonderful, deeply humble, sweet people with HUGE hearts and it feels so good to be in their presence because they feel like the blessed Earth itself.

Hawaiian Projects That Have Received Earth Foundation Support

2007 – 2012:

Earth Foundation is working on a television program development project with a group of Native Hawaiians and seasoned local television producers. On July 14, 2012 this resulted in the completion of production of a six part series of one hour television programs on “Native Hawaiian Medicine.” The shows are hosted by an esteemed, certified, Native Hawaiian Medicine practitioner who demonstrates key medical and healing techniques. These programs will be aired on local television in Hawaii in 2012. DVDs of this series of programs may be distributed in Hawaii and internationally.

September 12, 2004:

Ho’olaule’a, held in Keokea, Maui at the beautiful, large grounds of the Kula San Hospital high on a huge hillside overlooking the ocean and several islands. Richard Dancil was the key man to arrange and set up this event. Na Kupuna O Maui and Earth Foundation supported his efforts. The event had substantial success: over 600 attended — 90% of them Native Hawaiians, along with several great Hawaiian bands and many Hawaiian hula dancers. The event started at 9:30am and ended at 3pm. People loved it.

August 12, 2002:

Local & National education project to support Native Hawaiian rights done in association and coalition with Na Kupuna O Maui.