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It’s Time To Help Our Hawaiian Friends

Aloha. NEVER have the Native Hawaiians been in a worse predicament. They are at the worst crossroads they have been at for a long time. Native Hawaiians are seriously facing the very real threat of LOSING EVERYTHING — and this time the odds may be strongly against them. This is absolutely horrible what they are facing. Hawaiians are looking at having BILLIONS of dollars of THEIR land taken away from them, in addition to their federal and state government entitlements. This includes much of their promised Hawaiian Homelands. HAWAII was THEIR land and nation a little over a hundred years ago. Now the Hawaiians are being threatened with NOT being able to even keep the lands they were promised in different settlements they made with the government. This is outrageous and completely unjust. It breaks your heart to watch them face the possibility of being totally ripped off. With respect, to quote the headline of a Maui News editorial (March 10, 2002): “HAWAII, U.S. OWE HAWAIIANS.”

WHY this is happening: Because of the “Rice vs. Cayetano” U.S. Supreme Court decision in the year 2000 that ruled AGAINST the Native Hawaiians and their rights, their opponents continue to try to take everything else away from the Native Hawaiians. And, they are doing it under the guise of “racial discrimination.”

Citing the “Rice vs. Cayetano” U.S. Supreme Court decision as a legal precedent that “Native Hawaiian” is a “racial” and not a political or tribal status, the opponents of Native Hawaiians are saying it is “racially discriminating” against all other races in Hawaii to allow the Native Hawaiians to be given land — the land the Hawaiians were promised, the land from their own nation — and to be given the government entitlements they have been allocated.

WHO are these opponents of the Native Hawaiians? Many are thinking the real opponents of the Native Hawaiians may be large entities that would like to control the Hawaii LAND that is worth $ BILLIONS that the Hawaiians have been promised. Many wonder if those large entities could be any of the following: the federal or state governments, major land companies, or other individuals and/or companies who would substantially profit from taking over control and OWNING and potentially selling the Native Hawaiian lands for $ BILLIONS.

Why do we try so hard to help the Native Hawaiians? Because they are wonderful, humble, sweet people with HUGE hearts and it feels so good to be in their presence because they feel like the blessed Earth itself. It feels great to be with them and near them, and — bless them — they probably don’t even know it. Hawaiians must pull together, and everyone else in Hawaii must pull in behind them to help. It’s time to help your friends. Aloha & Mahalo, Earth Foundation